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rands! biscuits ♪ ♪ filled with breakfast ingredients ♪ ♪ ready in minutes! ♪ you gotta taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury grands! biscuit sandwiches. remembering those lost a decade ago. america prepares for a day of remembrance. and a report from one small married town particularly afeked by 9/11. how they coped with unimaginable loss ten years ago and how it
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changed their community skmoo and on the eve of this solemn anniversary, is in a state of heightened alert. the hit the of a terror attack has led to a flood of calls from concerned citizens including a security concern that led to extensive searches at dulles airport tonight. thank you so much for joining us. those stories in a moment. but first, breaking news in northwest washington. firefighters are on the scene of a deadly house fire. it's happening on 7th street near georgia avenue. darcy is live on the scene what can you tell us at this point? >> reporter: john, firefighters got the call for this blaze right around 8:30 tonight and remain here on the scene. you look up the street, this is where the investigation is taking place on 7th street near hamilton street. from what i've i'm being told, there was a woman inside this house who was not able to make it out. the firefighters did bring her out of the second floor of this l row house. she was transported to an area hospital and pronounced dead.
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i'm told there was a second person, a man inside the house as well. and he was able to somehow, get out but he did collapse, basically, in the front yard and he was transported to the hospital. no word at this point on what his injuries are and what his condition is. i'm also told two firefighters sustained injuries in connection with battling this blaze. one firefighter suffered an ankle injury and one firefighter was apparently, bitten by a dog heren the scene as he was getting prepared to battle the blaze. it appears the firefighters are just starting to enter the row house here right in the middle of the block here on 7th street that the point we have no cause and as i get more details, i'll bring them to you. darcy spencer, news4, back to you. >> thank you, darcy. less than 12 hours from now, the country will ten years since the 9/11 attacks. the intelligence community is juicing that time to investigate
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a possible threat around washington on or around the anniversary. the department of homeland security is combing through airline records looking to see if any potential terrorist traveled into the united states. their guided by only a vague description. no signs of unusual purchases of chemicals used to make car bombs. still, police in d.c. and new york have ramped up security checking for any suspicious activity. the heightened state of alert he had to many reports of suspicious vehicles and packages in the d.c. area tonight. we're at dulles where one scare was taken very seriously. >> tonight it's quiet at the aairport. >> reporter: hours of virginia state police investigated a suspicious package. now, this is just another example of heightened security in the d.c. metro area this weekend. anxious momentsal dulles airport. police evacuated only gates at concourse b after a dog found a suspicious package outside. it turned out to be a bunch of
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boxes in a cargo pallet. >> the items were cleared by the state eod team and we were able to return to completely normal 50er7gss. u >> police want you to call 911 if you see the trucks. they both have arizona license plates one with the number ae 15192. and the other, ae 10807. police and the fbi are taking extra precautions. >> we have a lot of the special teams out as you can see. >> drive and and you'll see police all over the place in cars, on bikes and on mounted patrols. in arlington, before saturday's 9/11 commemorative ceremony, the bomb-sniffing dogs searched bags, chairs and bleachers. police stood guard strapped with m-16 assault rifles. the crowd appreciated the added security. >> it makes me feel good.
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>> the firefighters unveiled a american flag at the pentagon as they practice for sunday's ceremony. the same spot the plane hit the pentagon and killed 184 people. president obama and the first lady were at the cemetery, at the pentagon, former president bush takes a wreath from amarine and places it on the stand to represent the 184 men, women and children who died at the pentagon to commemorate the tenth anniversary. dulles airport is opened and operating normally. the passengers evacuated from the gate were able to get on other flights and get to their destinations. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, a short time ago police in prince george's county a missing u-haul van found in the 900 block of her si avenue in oxen hill. police are searching for the driver and for the other van. some tense moments today on board a flight headed from albuquerque to baltimore. southwest flight 1307 made an
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emergency landing in nashville, after passenger visited the bathroom several times and was acting suspicious. the plane was emptied and a complete security sweep was done, but nothing dangerous was found. the flight then continued on after nearly a four-hour delay. the passenger in question was put on a different flight. many roads near the pentagon will be closed tomorrow due to 9/11 ceremonies. all traffic on i-395 south will be diverted on to route 1 from 8:30 in the morning until 10:30 in the morning and then in the afternoon, closed once again from 2:30 until 5:00 p.m. cars will be detoured down route 1 and allowed back on to 395 and gleeb road. part of route 110 and washington boulevard. officials are urging drivers to stay away from the pentagon tomorrow if possible. the memories of the attacks on 9/11 are still fresh for thousands who were at or near ground zero in new york that day. the lives of those killed at the
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world trade center are honored tomorrow on the tenth anniversary. tonight, a new threat of terrorism is a remind they are america is still a target. steve handelsman is live at the world trade center site tonight. steve e? >> reporter: john, thanks, good evening, here in new york, security was already going to be tight tomorrow, just 9/11 families, special guests and officials, allowed here at the world trade center site. now, there will be extra precautions. as night felling with a huge police presence here and a show of force. new york is on guard. on manhattan whstreets today, a search for the kind of car or truck bomb a pakistani source told intelligence that al qaeda terrorists might be set to use in washington or in new york. homeland security analysts are checking airline records with just vague descriptions and age range, approximate height and
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flagmentes of name and travel the pattern of three suspects. but at the 9/11 site in new york, most were not worried. >> came here without fear that nothing is going to happen for. >> we're not scared of any al qaeda threat? >> not at all. >> the focus is on 2001. this remembrance in new jersey, a state that lost 746 people. a retired firefighter in massachusetts, set a flag for every 9/11 victim. firefighters in new york gathered at st. patrick's cathedral. >> as i get older everyone says i walk like you, run like you and have your crazy sense of humor, too. >> a 10 year old read a letter to the father he never met. >> i wish i could have met you love, your son, patrick. >> this was shanksville,
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pennsylvania, tonight and new york city, twin beams of light rising near where the twin towers fell ten years ago. on monday, for the first time since 9/11, the public will finally be back inside this 9/11 site. the start of what many hire hope will be a return to a new kind of normal. live in new york welcome i'm steve handelsman. >> we hope you join us for a "washington remembers" special. we'll broadcast live from they pentagon from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. and again, from 11:00 a.m. until 12:15 and then a complete wrap up of the today's events tomorrow night on "news4 at 6:00" and 11:00. still ahead, the day that changed everything. how a local community came to terms with the lost of an entire family. homes in a noirn virginia
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neighborhood condemned following severe flooding. and new developments in the lawsuit the redskins owner, dan snider filed, against a local newspaper. and it's raining hard in culpepper county, virginia, right now. everybody else is dry. will the taste of late summer
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redskins owner, dan snider has decided to drop the lawsuit against the washington city paper. snider was suing the paper over an article published last november. snider claimed the article constituted defamation. he was seek $1 million in a statement today, snider said the
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paper has admitted that certain statements were not intended to be taken as fact and he now wants to focus on the upcoming football season. days after the flash flooding devastated the d.c. region, residents of one prince william county neighborhood are still waiting to return to their homes. heavy rains pushed the creek over its banks on thursday, more than 100 homes in the holley hill community, off jefferson davis highway were so badly damaged they had to be condemned. many homes were knocked off their foundations. the flood came so fast, residents told us they barely had time to escape with their lives. >> it was chaos. literally, babies in high chairs bringing them out. >> i don't wish anyone to go through anything like this. it's terrible. you know? we've lost everything. well, not everything. we have the most important thing and that's our lives. >> the red cross also has been helping out the holley hill community with their basic living needs since the storm
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hit. after the break, our coverage of 9/11 ten years later continues. we have a report from one maryland town particularly maryland town particularly affected by the say cheese! are you smiling yet? of course you are. especially since the new "let's get cheesy" menu starts at just $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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the small town of university park, maryland, lost five of its residents on 9/11. with a population of a couple thousand, this hit the community hard. a couple and their children were on american airlines flight 77 when it cashes. another woman was working inside the pentagon when the plane hit.
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a memorial was constructed in 2005. five stones for each of the lives lost. mickey lucas knew the family. >> it hurt so much when i learned that they had been killed. it was just devastating. >> a remembrance ceremony is planned for 2:00 p.m. on sunday so the university park community can remember those lives lost. our chuck bell is here in the studio. a lot of ceremonies will be going on tomorrow to remember 9/11. should people bring umbrellas? expecting rain? >> first thing in the morning everything will be fine so no problems there or here or in new york city. that's welcomed news. by tomorrow afternoon, once again, some daytime hitting we'll bubble up a few showers and thunderstorms but that comes primarily after 1:00 or 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning, everything is looking dry. outside for now, on a saturday night, skies are mostly clear over downtown washington. there is one lone renegade shower out in culpepper county,
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virginia, i'll show you that on the radar in a second as you look live at the john f. kennedy memorial center for the performs arts. a nice night here in washington. 73 the temperature and dew point is in the mid-to-upper 60s o'a hint of late summer humidity left in the air. 81% humidity right now. winds have gone calm. around the rest of the area, mostly into the upper 60s now. getting away from the bay and the potomac, 74 annapolis. 66 in leesburg and winchester. 67 up in the panhandle of west virginia. here's a look at live doppler radar. not much around the immediate washington metro area. here's one lone thundershower to the the east of downtown culpepper and north of fredericksburg. drifting ever so slowly to the east so as a result, you folks from springfield down towards dale city, be on the lookout for some showers on i-95 over the next hour or so. generally speaking, dry weather expected for the remainder of the overnight hours tonight.
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you can see the one lonesome shower. still, i think an the whole, most of us will be dry through the overnight hours tonight and a dry start on your sunday morning as well, as high pressure fades off the eastern seaboard but as it moves away and an area of low pressure comes in from the ohio valley that will provide the lift necessary to turn all the humidity that we have into shower and thunderstorm chances by tomorrow, late afternoon into tomorrow night. for the overnight hours, clearing skies, mild and muggy, a little patchy fog first thing in the morning and wake-up temperatures 65 to 71. after plenty of sunshine in the morning, clouds around in tampb and a 40% chance of showers around tomorrow afternoon. no widespread severe weather but every drop of rain is an insult from mother nature after the crazy week of rain we had. scattered showers into monday but not a big deal. tuesday is dry, wednesday,
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thursday, a cool front coming through. behind it, seriously chilly air coming our way for next weekend. follow the forecast on our website, or follow me on twitter at chuck bell 4 which i know you do. >> chuck bell, thank you very much. still ahead, the bis
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hakim is here with sports. a lot of college football. uva, virginia tech, howard bison in action. a lot of games. a good day of football. we have a full plate of college football. >> after earning his 200th win at virginia tech, head coach frank beamer apologized to his team and said he was sorry for not having his guys ready to play against east carolina.
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the hokies had two turnovers and 12 penalties, not exactly beamer ball. he's why frank beamer is legendary. he finds ways to win. he's in his 20th year. vak trailed 7-0. logan thomas going deep for marcus davis and hauls it in but it's knocked lose by the defender so it's an incomplete pass. ouch! pirates have a 7-3 lead at halftime. first play of the third quarter, david wilson gets the handoff. is he down? no. stays on his feet and wilson is so fast that for fun he likes to chase down rabbits and birds. 39-yard pickup and he finished with 138 yards rushing. later on first and goal, ogleogy does the rest. he muscles his way in for the touchdown, second of the game and that's it. 11th ranks virginia tech wins
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17-10 and frank beamer is the 10th twin a coach to win 200 or more games at one school. >> cavaliers led 23-3 in the third but the hoosiers come back. perry jones fumbles and indiana's lawyer rens barnett scoops it up and returns it 54 yards for the score. indiana takes its first lead of the game, 24-23. under two to go and virginia down eight and jones making up for the fumble from flee yards out. virginia gets the two-point conversion. game tied at 31. cavs have a chance to win and robert randolph, up and good from 23 yard out and that's it. virginia wins the thriller, 34-31. the cavs are 2-0. nay skree on the road at western kentucky. midshipman wearing pentagon stickers to honor 9/11. fourth quarter, all navy. hill toppers with the ball.
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brandon dowdy throws and it's picked off by bush. takes it back 49 yards for the touchdown. navy defeats western kentucky, 40-14. next week, the mid shipmen play steve spurrier and 12th ranked south carolina. at rfk, howard taking on moorehouse college in the football classic. second quarter, morehouse driving until this, sound up! what a hit by howard's theodore graham iv, that's a beautiful hit. however, howard trails 14-9 at halftime. howard leads by three and charles bryce gets the handoff. cannot be tackled for a 17-yard td and into your living room with a salute to the troops. bison lead. bryce loses the ball. watts picks it up and returns it 15 yards for the score. cuts the howard lead to 30-27 with just over two minutes to go.
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morehouse with one final chance. byron ingram looking for an answer and cory berry provides it. the sac to end the game, howard hangs on to win 30-27. coach harrell, you deserve a refreshment. >> i want this more for the fans -- >> how does that feel. >> that feels cool. >> i want this more for the fans and the alumni. howard university been through so much in the fast four years, for these guys to come out and give these fans in this type of enswrooirnlt of this type of magnitude versus another great academic university, now howard university is pretty much put our name on the map. >> big win for howard, elsewhere, west virginia defeats norfolk state, 55-12. baseball, gnats going for two in a row. bases loaded. chopper to the left side and throws home. throws it away.
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a two-run score and a bad night. the astros scored six runs in the inning. and go on to beat the nats 9-3. series finale tomorrow at 1:35. the big news? howard beats morehouse sends them packing to atlanta. the losers. >> and steven strasberg makes his second start of the season tomorrow. >> all right.
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next on c-span, earlier today the pentagon released a tape seized in sunday's raid in pakistan, purported to be osama bin laden's last will and testament. the tape runs about three minutes. [ cheers and applause ] >> translator: allah be praised. i, osama bin laden, being at present and good health and of sound mind and memory, thanks be to allah, hereby declare the following to be my last will and testament. first, as to my funeral arrangements, it is my wish that

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